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- Housed in a locked, environmentally controlled, maximum security 18 gauge steel vault.
- Vault is provided with a stainless steel mounting plate which is locked to the vault and can only be removed by special access door key
- Industrial Hi-Fi 4-Head Mobile VHS (Format Recorder Recording time; 6 hours- T180 tape, 8 hours- T240 tape, SLP & SP modes)
- Able to record the following: visual camera images; audio signals from wireless and in-car microphones
- Able to record important On-Screen Messages
- The time left on tape automatically resets when tape is ejected
- Includes over-write protection to prevent erasing a segment of a previously recorded tape
- Shell designed to be tamper-resistant, key needed to access the tape
- Tape can be ejected from the vault when lockable access door is opened
- Thermostatically protected against extreme weather conditions
- Automatic temperature control (heater and cooling fan) is activated, to maintain normal operating temperature inside the vault, when the unit is started
- Has the ability to automatically find the beginning of a blank segment on any inserted tape. This function is activated every time when tape is inserted, enabling the unit to go into record mode immediately
- Not necessary to insert only rewound tapes


Main Storage Unit

- Control Board
- Recorder (Digital or Analog)


Control Console Unit

-4 Inch Color LCD Display

Video Input Device (Zoom Camera)

- 128X Total Zoom, 16X Optical, 8X Digital


Audio Input Device

- RF Mic / TX
- RF 900MHz & 2.4GHz

VCR  Format  VHS ½ inch
 Recording System  Rotary Double Azimuth four head helical scanning
 Record / Play Time  6 Hours with T-120 in SLP mode
 Power Source  12V ~ 15V DC
 Power Consumption  App. 48 W
 37-Pin Circular female  To CCU, Sensor, Cabin, Power
 6-Pin Circular female  To Radar
 Weight  28.6 Lbs. (Installation Ass’y included)
 Dimensions  11.4 Wide X 13.3 Deep X 6.1 High (inch)
 (Installation Ass’y included)
 Material  SUS4 Stainless Steel, Thickness 0.078 inch
 Mounting  Horizontal
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